Welcome to the World of The High Coast Computer Association (THCCA).

We are a European club with an ambition to make the world a better place to live in for all you people who enjoy computer games and programming as much as we do. THCCA has at its disposal an organisation of skilled programmers (most of them specialising in Linux and UNIX) who take every opportunity to build newer and faster computer servers. These machines are then made available to enthusiasts on the Internet in the form of a variety of PC games and an ever-growing Web Hotel. If you would like THCCA to host your website, please send an email to the admin at hotell@thcca.se, If you need a “spam safe” email address, you can contact the email admin at epost@thcca.se,
The price for these services is 9 euros/year.

THCCA also works with education at our Clubhouse, where members can learn how to build a PC as well as basic programming. The Clubhouse also works as an Internet Café where members can meet after a hard day at work or a busy school day, to exchange ideas or just have a good time together. For those members who enjoy movie nights, we have a superb DVD system connected to a projector with a 7:1 sound system that many members like to use for watching the latest films.

Once a year, we also come together at a big LAN (local area network) called K-LAN (or THCG). Usually, about 300 people visit these meetings. You can look at pictures from these events here. THCCA also organises bus trips to other LANs (for example Krang Party or Dream Hack) every year for its members.

Please explore our site, and feel free to use our Forum to talk to other people who enjoy computing as well. It’s OK to write in your own language.

Jan Hägg

President of T.H.C.C.A





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Av sodan i Serverstatus, Serverfrågor.
Av sodan i Serverstatus, Serverfrågor.
Av DaddyCool i Serverstatus, Serverfrågor.
Av DaddyCool i Serverstatus, Serverfrågor.

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Counter Strike GO

csgo1.thcca.com :27013
csgo2.thcca.com :27014

Left 4 Dead 2

l4d2.thcca.com :27016

Team Fortress 2

TF2 1.thcca.com :27015
TF2 2.thcca.com :27015

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Byberg & Nordin
Game Reactor
Gerdins Group
Kramfors kommun

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DaddyCool - Ordförande
Bloodfrenzy - Kassör
EmmaNyberg - Sekreterare
Karazul - Ledamot
freeak - Ledamot
zenetuz - Ledamot



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